Luxury watches, Unique designs - Assembled in Spain - Colomer & Sons

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Luxury watches, Unique designs - Assembled in Spain - Colomer & Sons
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Estimated Shipping Date: February 2017
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Briefcase for 16 Watches
It's never been so easy and convenient to store and protect your watches. With capacity for 16 wa... more »
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Engrave you watch with your name or anything with 20 characters

Female Watches

Clotildeuno gold legacy square thumb
Clotilde I 10 th Anniversary
Clotildedos silver legacy square thumb
Clotilde II 10 th Anniversary

Male Watches

Timeless openheart legacy square thumb
Timeless Open Heart
Timeless dayandnight legacy square thumb
Timeless Day and Night
Fortunate silver legacy square thumb
Fortunate 10 th Anniversary
Worldtimer gold legacy square thumb
World Timer 10 th Anniversary
Openheart silver 1 legacy square thumb
Open Heart 10 th Anniversary
Vintage chrono legacy square thumb
Vintage Pilot Chrono 10 th Anniversary
Sports chrono legacy square thumb
Sports Chrono 10 th Anniversary
Ocean legacy square thumb
Ocean Multifunction 10 th Anniversary
Classic gold legacy square thumb
Classic Power Reserve 10 th Anniversary
Sublime gold legacy square thumb
Sublime 10 th Anniversary
Vintage multifunction legacy square thumb
Vintage Pilot Multifunction 10 th Anniversary
Cap s legacy square thumb
Captain´s Log 10Th Anniversary
Norte s legacy square thumb
North 10th Anniversary


Black20mm legacy square thumb
Strap Male Watch 20mm BLACK
Black16mm3 legacy square thumb
Strap Female Watch 16mm Black
Brown16mm3 legacy square thumb
Strap Female Watch 16mm Brown
Vintage camel20mm3 legacy square thumb
Strap Male Watch 20mm Camel Vintage including clasp
Black white20mm3 legacy square thumb
Strap Male Watch 20mm Black-White including clasp
Brown20mm3 legacy square thumb
Strap Male Watch 20mm Brown including clasp
Black matte20mm3 legacy square thumb
Strap Male Watch 20mm Black Vintage including clasp
Blue20mm3 legacy square thumb
Strap Male Watch 20mm Blue including clasp
Camel20mm3 legacy square thumb
Strap Male Watch 20mm Camel including clasp
Vintage brown20mm3 legacy square thumb
Strap Male Watch 20mm Brown Vintage including clasp
Milanese silver20mm3 legacy square thumb
Strap Male Watch 20mm Stainless Steel Silver
Milanese gold20mm3 legacy square thumb
Strap Male Watch 20mm Stainless Steel Rose Gold
Milanese silver16mm3 legacy square thumb
Strap FEMALE Watch 16mm Stainless Steel Silver
Milanese gold16mm3 legacy square thumb
Strap FEMALE Watch 16mm Stainless Steel Rose Gold
Black20mm legacy square thumb
Strap Male Watch 20mm BLACK

Learn About Our Project:







GET READY FOR THE WHOLE COLLECTION, now is time for you to take action helpings us by purchasing one of the 10th Anniversary collection models with a 40% discount in some cases. 

How To Order Your Watch Now:

Step 1: Click on a reward level listed on the right hand side. (Don't worry, at this point, you don't need to know which exact watch style, color, strap type etc. you want; we will send you an email before we ship to get that information from you.)

Step 2: Click "Continue to Next Step" and follow the instructions. 

Since 2006, we have developed different collections of beautiful watches, watches made with passion, pursuing perfection for mechanical timepieces and now with this first Kickstarter we want to bring you the best collection ever designed and manufactured by us.






We have been designing watches for the last 10 years and now we want to celebrate our 10th Anniversary with you bringing a collection of timeless timepieces at affordable prices. Our 10th Anniversary collection is the result of really hard work. 

For the last 10 years we have been designing watches with a clear personality, watches designed with all the passion and inspiration we have found in nature and life. Different series in complexity and style where we are sure you’ll find your favorite.


Designing the Fortunate watch
Designing the Fortunate watch


Designing the Timeless watch
Designing the Timeless watch


The finest materials

Miyota Japanese mechanical movements are amazing, reliable and forever. Sapphire glass crystal and Italian leather for the straps with a butterfly clasp, comfortable and secure. Stainless steel cases 316 L are the best, durable and beautiful.

Finnest materials
Finnest materials

Honest prices

High quality timepieces usually come at an extra-inflated price, our prices with 10 year warranty are really low because we are changing the way we do business and we do not have middlemen standing in between the product and the customer.  That was always the idea behind C&S since the beginning. 


Our way

Clean, beautiful and durable watches. Timeless timepieces that will have a lot to say about you. Watches for you, watches for her, watches for both. Watches designed for all kind of people, different personalities, tastes and needs.


We cover the entire manufacturing process, starting with designs in our offices in Madrid, samples production and assembly using the best materials and components we can find to build timeless timepieces. Colomer & Sons watches are made from a 316 L stainless steel cases, offering the highest strength and durability, ensuring that the timepiece fits comfortably on wrists of all sizes, both men's and women's. 




In Colomer and Sons we take very seriously manufacturing watches, that’s why we cover all the process, from design, samples to manufactured we control all the processes and we have our own watchmakers in our offices in Madrid working with detail and passion in every piece we assembly, so we ensure that every watch arrives in perfect conditions to our customers. 


Our watchmakers working
Our watchmakers working




We believe that luxury timepieces should be exclusive. Therefore, every watch model from Colomer and Sons is assembled by hand and is limited edition to 1999 pieces - you will be sure you own a watch that is rare and unique, something you can truly own.

          (models that are no longer available will be marked as sold out) 




We are one of the few brands in the world, to give a ten year warranty on their watches. 

Colomer and Sons has itself a qualified service, which has all the parts needed for the care and repair of your watch, not only during the 10 year warranty we offer on all our models but also to keep it in perfect condition for decades to come.



It’s never easy to choose a reliable movement manufacturer but after more than 10 years of experience trying most of the Swiss , Japanese and Chinese mechanical movements we come to a decision which is that the Japanese Miyota mechanical movements are as good as the Swiss but with a better price which make them more affordable for the customers.



Chrono movement
Chrono movement


 Only sapphire (front crystal) for the whole models of the 10th Anniversary collection!

Why we went sapphire...




Grade 316L, is the low carbon version of 316 and is immune from sensitisation (grain boundary carbide precipitation). Compared to chromium-nickel austenitic stainless steels, 316L stainless steel offers higher creep, stress to rupture and tensile strength at elevated temperatures. Excellent in a range of atmospheric environments and many corrosive media. Good oxidation resistance in intermittent service to 870°C and in continuous service to 925°C. 


Beautiful Italian leather, elegant and comfortable. Highest Quality Materials + Superb Craftsmanship. 

You will have a chance to choose from specific options before we ship the watch to you):


 316L All Stainless Steel Butterfly Folding lock safety clasp with Easy Release system.  They are awesome and more secure than the regular ones. 



If you are fortunate it's because somewhere, sometime, someone gave you an idea that pointed you in the right direction. If you aren't, now is time to change your luck. Introducing the new "Fortunate 10th Anniversary". 






Your world invites you to discover, to know, to feel. To follow your precise rhythm in an intriguing voyage that is the essence of freedom. This is your moment. Begin to enjoy all the hours of the world. Introducing the new "Worldtimer 10th Anniversary".





When you discover a watch mechanism and you understand the intricate parts of it, you can feel the magic you can feel the heart controlling time. Introducing the new "Open Heart 10th Anniversary".








Soar to infinity, feel the pressure mounting, feel the rush of adrenaline, feel intense emotions... feel. Introducing the new "Vintage Pilot Chrono 10th Anniversary".






Soar to infinity, feel the pressure mounting, feel the rush of adrenaline, feel intense emotions... feel. Introducing the new "Vintage Pilot Multifunction 10th Anniversary".








Life is like an ongoing race, a race that is worth running a race that becomes a journey and the longer the race, the better. Introducing the new " Sports Chrono 10th Anniversary". 






The Ocean ... Magical creatures, mysteries to discover, beauty in abundance, peaceful paradise. Introducing the new " Ocean Multifunction 10th Anniversary".






What is a classic? A classic stands the test of time, a classic has certain universal appeal, a classic is an expression of life truth and beauty. Introducing the new "Classic Power Reserve 10th Anniversary".






When you discover something really beautiful something that exceeds your expectations there is only one word to name it ... SUBLIME. Introducing the new "Sublime Power Reserve 10th Anniversary".






What is timeless design? Staying beautiful or fashionable as time passes, having no beginning or end because timeless design is forever. Introducing the new "Timeless Open Heart 10th Anniversary".





What causes Day & Night to happen? The earth rotates around its own axis. The earth rotates from the west towards east. The earth rotates once in about 24 hours.  Introducing the new "Timeless Day and Night 10th Anniversary".





Design in honour of our mother. You were the most wonderful mother. You inspired us. All we are and everything we hope to be we owe to you. We love you unconditionally.  Introducing the new "Clotilde I 10th Anniversary".






Design in honour of our mother. You were beautiful. You were the best teacher. You were the best. Introducing the new "Clotilde II 10th Anniversary".





Colomer and Sons has developed this watch in honour of all the sea captains that have sailed the many seas of the world. This watch has been designed for the sea lovers, its tides and waves, the wind, the beating of the sails, and marine adventure in general.


• Quartz Movement Miyota CAL. OS21. • Chronograph. • Chronograph counter at 9 o'clock. • Tachymeter. • 24h indicator at 3 o'clock. • Day of the month indicator at 4. • Mineral front glass reinforced. • 316L stainless steel case. • Genuine 20mm leather strap. • Waterproof 5 ATM. • Screw crown. • Size 40 mm. • Weight 68 gr. • 10 years warranty.

The North, benchmark for global navigation, has inspired us to make this wonderful timepiece that perfectly meet the demands of its lucky owner. With dual calendar.


• Quartz movement Miyota CAL. OS00. • Seconds indicator at 6 o'clock. • Double date display at 3 o'clock. • Chronograph. • Chronograph counter at 12 o'clock. • Hours counter del chronograph 9h them. • Luminescent hands. • Mineral front glass reinforced. • 316L stainless steel case. • Genuine 20mm leather strap. • Waterproof 5 ATM. • Screw crown. • Size 40 mm. • Weight 68 gr. • 10 years warranty.


It's easy to get your own limited edition timepiece. Simply select the reward you want. Don't worry about the choice of model and strap, you will choose that later! 







Colomer & Sons boxes and packaging have a  unique flavor that goes beyond standard shapes and manufacturing solutions. Our design is unique and combines exquisite elegance with a modern touch. You will find inside two small tools and a small towel for the real watch lovers in order to maintain your watch always in perfect conditions. And of course the manual instructions and the 10 years warranty.







Customer reviews
Customer reviews




We have already produced and approved working prototypes of the 10th Anniversary collection and with your support we are ready to go ahead with production. As soon as we place the order with our suppliers, they will start manufacturing and then we will assemble everything in our offices in Spain.  After the end of the campaign, we will provide constant updates on the status of production. We will ship all watches by the end of April 2017.






10th Anniversary collection is an ambitious project which needs help of crowdfunding to hit the market. But if you can't support our cause with funds you can still influence the fate of Colomer & Sons watches with your digital voice! Please, share our watches with your friends, tell them about us and make it happen! Our success is in your hands. And your feeds. 









The movement: 

Why did you decide on Japanese movements for most of the watches 10th Anniversary collection? Well, the Japanese movements are just as reliable as any ETA movement - if not even more reliable! If we did use an ETA movement the watch would have almost doubled the final cost of the product.

How can I add something to my pledge? 

If you find yourself wishing you would have gotten 2 or more watches it's very easy to add a watch to your order. All you will need to do is “edit your pledge.” This option will allow you to select the pledge you prefer. Remember that you will choose your watches at the end of the campaign when a survey will be sent.

When will my card be charged? 

If you’re new to Kickstarter this might be confusing to you but here on KS all cards will be charged as soon as the campaign has been officially funded and the time has ran out on the campaign. You should see a charge on your account 3-5 days after the campaign ends

How long will my watch be warranted? 

We will work with all customers with a 10 year warranty, we really believe in what we do. 

Do all backers benefit from Stretch Goals? 

Absolutely. It doesn't matter if you were the first or the last to back our project, all backers qualify for the stretch goals.

When can I select the watch of choice? 

We will be sending out our official survey once our project ends. You will then be able to select your watch and give us your correct shipping instructions.

Who do you use for shipping international orders? 

We use DHL Express for all international and domestic shipments (excluding PO Box addresses).

What parts of the watch are actually luminescent? 

 The indexes and hour and minute hands in some of the models.

Are all of the watches water resistant?

Of course they all are water resistant up to 50, 100 AND 300 meters.